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Cosmic Portal

A transformative journey with high quality international musicians and Djs, Art, elders & wisdomkeepers and renowned workshop leaders.



Beyond excitement, we proudly announce that we are building a conscious bridge between continents and with the spirit and magic of a long established festival that specially curates transformational journeys and experiences full of high quality international musicians and Djs, elders and wisdomkeepers, renowned workshop leaders, performances among many others. At Böllerbauer in Haag, Upper Austria we are hosting the “Cosmic Portal”, a 4 days international festival that brings together tribes from all directions, with the same spirit. With an extraordinary sound, light and decoration concept, high quality and nourishing soul food, a supervised children area and a Healing & Sacred Fire Area with international Indigenous Elders/Wisdomkeepers it is more than just a festival but a gathering of tribes, to dive in a deeper and higher level into your own personal journey! We have already made contracts with some big names and cooperations! More Infos are coming Soon! DE Mit großer Freude verkünden wir, dass wir eine bewusste Brücke zwischen Kontinenten und dem Geist und der Magie eines lang etablierten Festivals bauen, das speziell kuratierte transformative Reisen und Erlebnisse mit hochwertigen internationalen Musikern und DJs, Ältesten und Weisheitsbewahrern, renommierten Workshop-Leitern, Performances und vielen anderen bietet. Beim Böllerbauer in Haag, Oberösterreich, veranstalten wir das "Cosmic Portal", ein viertägiges internationales Festival, das Stämme aus allen Richtungen mit demselben Geist zusammenbringt. Mit einem außergewöhnlichen Sound-, Licht- und Dekorationskonzept, hochwertigem und nährendem Soul Food, einem betreuten Kinderbereich und einem Healing & Sacred Fire-Bereich mit internationalen indigenen Ältesten/Weisheitsbewahrern ist es mehr als nur ein Festival, sondern ein Zusammentreffen von Stämmen, um auf einer tiefgehenderen und höheren Ebene in deine persönliche Reise einzutauchen! Wir haben bereits Verträge mit einigen großen Namen und Kooperationen abgeschlossen! Weitere Informationen folgen in Kürze! Hol dir die neuesten Infos auf unserem FB EVENT / Stay Updated on our fb event site https://www.facebook.com/events/173510978482072


01 Greg Hilight ( Hilight Tribe )

02 Kaya Project

03 Symbolico

01 Greg Hilight ( Hilight Tribe )

After having created 8 albums with Hilight Tribe and performing Headlining live acts around the globe, Greg created a solo project called "Greg Hilight": An interaction between natural instruments and digital trance. Through this project he shares his vision of music for the 21st century dance floor, a magic potion of ethnic grooves, electronic sounds and instruments from all over the world. Riding from 145 to 150bpm, Greg Hilight's live set is designed as an uplifting experience using live percussion and digitally tweaked sounds (to always raise the vibe higher). Everytime he performs, Greg triggers a transcendent energy and togetherness in some of the best parties worldwide. You're invited on a journey to an uncharted supernatural world, manifested through the sound of the ancestors and innovative vision of the future.

02 Kaya Project

Kaya Project LIVE Kaya Project is the world fusion collective spearheaded by U.K. producer / Composer Seb Taylor, having released Eight Albums mostly on Canadian Label Interchill Records, with numerous appearances on Compilations such as Claude Challe’s Buddha Bar Series & Six Degrees’ World Traveller series. Encompassing original studio sessions & field recordings captured throughout India, North Africa & The Middle East, Kaya Project is truly a vibrant melting pot of influences. Seb is regularly joined on stage by World renowned Kazhaksthani Vocalist Irina Mikhailova, whose sublime vocal performances graced the very first Kaya Project track & have been present in each of the Albums since the bands Inception. KAYA PROJECT (DJ set) Kaya Project is a tribal fusion of World Music & Electronica primarily built upon Location recordings from exotic locations around the planet. The Project is the musical brainchild of Seb Taylor. Based in the UK, the act has achieved a name of world renown via the first three albums ‘walking through‘ (2004), ‘elixir‘ (2005) and‘...& so it goes‘ (2008) – all released on interchill. their 4th. album, ‘desert phase‘, was released in the spring of 2010 followed by a CD of electronic remixes. Previous kaya project tracks have been heard on tv shows such as showtime’s ’sleeper cell’, & numerous compilations including claude challe’s renowned ‘buddha bar’ series. angel tears tracks (another of seb’s many projects) have been heard on shows such as hbo’s sex & the city, the west wing & many others. The Fifth Kaya Project album 'FIREDANCE' was released in May 2014. HIBERNATION (Live) Hibernation is Seb Taylors outlet for Glitchy experimental chilled Electronica. The first Hibernation album, Some Things Never Change, was released on respected label Aleph Zero in 2008. At this point Seb had released a number of Kaya Project albums to great acclaim and gained a loyal following among downtempo aficionados. With many different projects to his name Seb likes to keep them stylistically distinct and Hibernation is devoted to a more electronic realm than Kaya Project, which features live instrumentation from around the world. Hibernation, as the name suggests, heads inwards and locks onto micro edits, quirky samples, glitches and hyper-fine details. Second Nature is the newest album and was released on Interchill Records in 2012. On this album, Natasha Chamberlain contributes some dreamy vocal flourishes to a number of tunes and Seb also turned to the capable Riad Abji and Vicky Flint for stand up bass and muted trumpet in the signature tune Uncarved Block. With a distinct sonic palette that includes stand up bass, muted trumpet, brush drums, glitches, whomps and warm subs the Hibernation sound is crucial listening. Seb brings a lifetime of musical experience to his production, composition and arrangements, and it shows. Listening to Second Nature conjures up future memories of dark smoky jazz clubs, Bladerunner cityscapes, parallel universes, dreams half forgotten and epic nights. This is music with spirit, narrative and detail. SEB TAYLOR Seb Taylor has been producing for more than 20 years under a number of aliases; Shakta, Kaya Project, Hibernation, Digitalis, Chaos by Design, C23, Radiate, and Subterfuge. An accomplished guitar player, Seb also plays the tzoura, zheng, banjoud, harmonica, hammered dulcimer, hang drum, various percussion, flute as well as the occasional vocal. Seb has performed around the world at clubs, parties and festivals; from fear and loathing style scenes in yakuza clubs in Tokyo to the over the top craziness of Shambhala in BC's Kootenay mountains, from Mad Max doofs in the dusty Australian desert to the fabled beaches of Goa. When he's not travelling Seb can be found in the studio in Brighton UK. He has a total of 18 Albums released in various styles, & is currently Producing in the Chillout, World Music & Breakbeat scenes. (under the names Kaya Project, Digitalis, Angel Tears & others) as well as music for TV, Film & Advertising. DIGITALIS (DJ set) Digitalis is Seb Taylor's Psybreaks & Breakbeat alias, with Releases on Labels such as Matsuri, Sinister Recordings, Ministry of Sound & Sound of Habib. The Digitalis DJ sets are a current blend of the very best tracks in the psybreaks genre, a perfect sound for building up the early evening dancefloor into the mayhem of the night. Links: https://sebtaylor.bandcamp.com https://www.facebook.com/kayaproject/ https://www.facebook.com/kayaproject/videos/10154652806193536/ https://soundcloud.com/seb-taylor-kaya-project https://www.facebook.com/FeelLifeMusic/ https://feellifemusic.com

03 Symbolico

Or Ron Stern, musical producer born in Israel in the city of Rishon-Lezion, is known as the founder of the world-renowned project SYMBOLICO. Or Ron began his musical life at the age of 13 when he first listened to psytrance music artists such as: Juno-Reactor, Infected mushroom, Sun project, Goa Gil, Raja Ram, Simon Posford and many more. As a kid, psytrance music was a portal for flying with his imagination to long distances. It did not take long till he realised that he has a message to send to the world as a musical expression. Until the age of 21, Or Ron took his musical life only as a hobby; working on trance projects such as the PSYCHOPET on Impulse tracker and Propellorheads Reason sequencers. At last, 22-year-old Or Ron decided to take it to the next level and go further and deeper into the world of sound and production. It was a turning point when he realised that psytrance alone is not satisfying enough for his colourful, mosaic-like spirit. He began to learn different types of musical genres beginning from the funky, and sometimes glitchy, world of hip hop; to the jazzy world of swing, the groovy sounds of dub, to the ethereal planes of downtempo psychedelic music. Upon the discovery of this new musical portal, the Indigo Child project (the first Symbolico) was born. What is better than a psychedelic project??? - A psychedelic project that lets you move your ass with its sexy rhythm. Indigo child was all about creating those funky Breakbeats with psytrance influences, mixing them with samples from the world of pop. With time and self-development, the project “SYMBOLICO: Universal Knowledge Decoded Musically” was born. The timeless and limitless realm of being was a doorway for Or Ron; a doorway of creativity, the same portal which opened at the very beginning when Or Ron listened to psytrance as a child; this portal is what UNIVERSAL KNOWLEDGE DECODED MUSICALLY is all about: a musical expression of a higher level of knowledge. It’s a type of knowledge one stores in the heart rather than the mind. Or Ron: “For me music is an experience. Good music is an experience which continues even after the music itself is already over”. Links: https://symbolico.bandcamp.com https://www.facebook.com/symbolico http://soundcloud.com/symbolico http://www.last.fm/music/Symbolico https://twitter.com/SYMBOLICO_MUSIC https://www.youtube.com/c/Symbolico https://www.facebook.com/FeelLifeMusic/ https://feellifemusic.com



Verein Metatrons Portal

Verein Metatrons Portal

We are the newly founded non-profit organization "Verein Metatron's Portal" for intercultural synergy among all generations, ethnicities, and art forms.

Panajotis Papadopoulos

Panajotis Papadopoulos

I am an Vienna based entrepreneur, holistic health mentor and organistator of workshops, retreats and festivals. One of my qualities is to build bridges between Communties, Countrys, Cultures and aprroaches to spirituality, music and many more. 


Jose M. Ellias Verdera (Presi - Nahual):

Jose M. Ellias Verdera (Presi - Nahual):


Jose M. Elias Verdera - PRESI has around 20 years of extensive knowledge and experience  in the event production management and travel business, being a visionary and high-end festival organizer and a transformational travel designer, a professional and certified retreat & tour leader (one of his passions).

A lover and a fanatic since his childhood of the ancestral civilizations’ mysticism and their sacred knowledge, wisdom, and ceremonial aspects, and by nature, a world explorer and a social entrepreneur, being an advocate of the indigenous rights and mother nature.

International consultant and public speaker of Mayan-related themes, transformational and ethical travel, he is one of the pioneers and founder/producer of several initiatives in favor of the indigenous communities and protected areas, promoting peace, cultural exchange, investment, music, and arts in his native Guatemala, the USA, and Europe. 





Salaberg 32 · 3350 Haag, Austria

The well known festival location in lower austria will host our beautiful festival!


Trip Tips

Arrive with Car

If you want to arive by car you can drive right onto the festival grounds. If you want to park your car at the parking area, you need to buy a "car pass" at our "accomodation site" Aproximately 1,2h from vienna and 30 min from Linz https://goo.gl/maps/8e5mMD3WVwc2zAcG8

Arrive by Train

You can come by train to the station "Stadt Haag Bahnhst" aprox. 2h from Vienna Central station. or from Linz Central Station aprox. 35 min. From there it is a 30 min walk. If you wish for a transfer to the festival grounds, contact us so we can organize one for you.

Arrive from abroad

You can fly to Vienna International Airport and take the Train from Vienna Central Station. or You can fly directly to Linz Airport and take the train from Linz Central Station. If you wish for a transfer to the festival grounds, contact us so we can organize one for you.


You can transfer us the money direcly to our Verein Bank account! 

With the intended purpose/ Verwendungszweck: UNKOSTENBEITRAG!!

Verein  Metatron´s Portal
AT15 2011 1848 1744 9600

Once you're done send us an email with a screenshot of your payment @ office@cosmicconvergence.eu

Boellerbauer, Haag. Austria: http://www.boellerbauer.at/

Exact location (map): https://goo.gl/maps/8e5mMD3WVwc2zAcG8

By airplane: 

You can fly to Vienna International Airport (VIE) and make your way to the Vienna Central Train Station (Vienna Hauptbahnhof) and then take a train to "Stadt Haag Bahnhst" (approx. 2 hours) or you can fly directly to Linz Airport (LNZ) and make your way to the Linz Central Station and then to "Stadt Haag Bahnhst" (approx 35 mins.).

By public transport:

You can come by train to the station "Stadt Haag Bahnhst" approx. 2h from Vienna Centraltrain station (Vienna Hauptbahnhof) or from Linz Central Station approx. 35 mins. and from there just a 30 mins walk 


*For more info about trains schedules please visit www.oebb.at

*If you wish for a transfer to the festival grounds from VIE Vienna international airport, LNZ Linz Airport or the train station Stadt Haag contact us contact@cosmicconvergence.eu 

By car: 

You can drive right onto the festival grounds, it is approximately 1.5 hours from Vienna and 30 min from Linz. 


*If you come by car, it's mandatory to buy a "car pass" at our ticket section. 

**We encourage all festival goers that come by car to share a ride with others. 

Why ? because it's better for you, for the environment and because we have limited parking spots on site. 

*** If you want to sleep in your van you need to buy a live in vehicle pass at our ticket section 

We created a facebook group where you can share if you are offering/searching for a shared ride to the festival site. 


You can Arrive from Wednesday the 7.6.2023 18:00 (6pm)

You need to leave the Festival grounds latest 12.06.2023 at 12:00!!

YES!! We encourage you to come with your family, parents and friends!

The vision and the overall experience of the festival is designed for families and alternative communities, where everyone can find many things of interest, plus there is an exclusive and supervised children area with pedagogues. ( for children 4 years and older)


Unfortunately Dogs and any other pets are not allowed!

The only exceptions are blind support dogs!


*If you still choose to come with your pet, your entry will be denied. With no refund according to our terms and conditions.  

With your festival pass you are allowed to use the designated camping area (free of charge). 

Doors open: Wednesday 7.6.2023 18:00

Doors close: Monday 12.06.2023 12:00


*You can only camp at the designated camping area (camping is prohibited in other areas of the festival.).

**We are not responsible for missing items from the camping area, parking or from any area of the festival. We kindly ask you to please take care of your things and the things of others.

***There are no lockers at the festival.

The festival is equipped with toilets and showers that you can use 24/7 and free of charge. 

Please leave them as you want to find them! We all like a clean place to make our Business!

Our Glamping accommodations give you the possibility to choose pre-set up and  equipped tents with beds lamps and little tables, ready to go, for a more comfortable festival experience.  Check them out at our ticket section.  


*Camping packages are only valid with a festival pass (which needs to be purchased in advance).

**When you check in at our ticket office, you need to pay a safety deposit for your rented tent and this deposit is going to be refunded at check-out (if you leave the tent as you received it).

In general, the days of the festival are going to begin with a series of activities to feed and uplift your body, mind and soul such as yoga sessions and a selection of enriching workshops and talks that will last until the afternoon and in various parts of the festival. During early the afternoon, the main music stage (outdoors) will be activated with different visionary musical proposals to later continue with the alternative stage (indoors) until late night.

The festival has a designated parking area. Get your “car pass” at our ticket section. 


*Try car pools and share rides, because it's the best way to come.

**You can only park at the designated parking area (parking is prohibited in other areas of the festival.).

***You are not allowed to camp or cook at the parking area. 

****We are not responsible for missing items from the camping area, parking or from any area of the festival. We kindly ask you to please take care of your things and the things of others.

The festival has a designated live-in vehicle area for campers, minivans, etc. 

Get your live in vehicle pass at our ticket section.

Open fires, BBQs and camping stoves are strictly forbidden due to fire danger in summer!

You’re allowed to bring your own food, however you are going to love the festival restaurants where professional cooks will prepare an assortment of soulfood, pizza and breakfast buffet as well.   


*Bringing your own food and drinks is only allowed at the campsite (and not on the festival site).

**The festival is going to have plenty of healthy choices with reasonable prices. 

Be conscious about it, and always drink responsibly.

You are allowed to bring your own alcohol, however, there are some limitations to consider:

-Glass packaging is not allowed.

-All liquid must be sealed and packed in its original packaging.

-Strong liquor is not allowed (alcohol percentage over 15%). 

-Soft drinks like soda, beer or wine (under 15% alcohol percentage).


*Bringing your own drinks is only allowed at the campsite (and not on the festival site).

*The festival is going to have a bar with plenty of choices and reasonable prices.

***The festival will have a special filtered drinking Water Bar powered by bela aqua free of charge for all attendees.

The festival operates under a governmental ‘zero-tolerance policy’, meaning that no soft- drugs or hard drugs are allowed. Your wellbeing and safety is extremely important to us. 

Therefore it is not allowed to bring the following items to the festival: Any type of drugs, weapons, sharp or hard objects, scissors, glass bottles, candles, torches, fireworks, oil lamps, gas lamps or laughing gas (nitrous oxide cartridges). 

When in doubt, feel free to ask us contact@cosmicconvergence.eu 


*We reserve the rights of admission to the festival and in some specific cases, your access may be denied (even with a valid ticket with no refund according to our terms and conditions).

To make your camping experience as comfortable as possible, you can bring foldable chairs, pillows, blankets, inflatables, etc.  

High volume sound systems and pirate parties aren’t allowed at the festival, campsite or parking, but you may bring small battery powered speakers.


* No music from speakers of any kind is allowed after 22:00 at the whole festival area and its surrounding. 

There’s no electricity available to charge your gadgets, that’s why you need to leave your laptop at home.


*As a must, bring your own energy chargers (to charge your phone battery during the festival.)

There is a first aid station combined with our herbal clinic and healing-medicine area that is to help you 24/7. 

Are you not feeling well for whatever reason? Then head over there or talk to any of our staff and ask for help!

Bringing your medication is only permitted in combination with an official doctor’s note.

We are trying our best to make the festival accessible to all (but we cannot guarantee that moving around in a wheelchair will be easy due to many factors). 

We are cooperating with The verein generation crossover to make this happen.  

For more information, please contact us contact@cosmicconvergence.eu

Press Accreditation is reserved for journalists who are able to guarantee media coverage of the event in the following categories:

Written and online, radio & television, influencers, photographers and bloggers. 

Yes, if you feel that your vision aligns with ours, please send your motivation to office@cosmicconvergence.eu without your support this will not be happening. 

Feel free to contact us at:  contact@cosmicconvergence.eu  

We are the non Profit organisation "Verein Metatrons Portal" 

Every ticket or festival pass that is purchased is a contribution towards the expenses of this event a so called (UNKOSTENBEITRAG) as described in the terms and Conditions!

Cosmic Portal

Austria June 8 - 11 2023 3 nights

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