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4-7 July 2024

At "Schloss Ehrnau" in Mautern Styria Austria

Cosmic Convergence Festival Europe

Ancient Future - Community - Healing - Arts - Culture - Movement

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A visionary and forward-thinking platform that connects worldwide transformational events, travels, retreats and conscious organizations and projects with community and environmental support.

We take care, honor and celebrate the magic of being alive with a series of global family reunions embracing multidisciplinary arts, cultural interchange, investment and education to foster personal growth, leadership, creative potential and a more conscious planetary culture.

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- Community circles

- 2 music stages

- sacred fire

- healing & medicine area

- elders, wisdom keepers & indigenous tribes

- workshops areas

- art gallery

- markets

- kidz area

- soul foods

- cacao bar

- elixirs bar

- red tent

- performances

- and more …


An ascension journey into the world's cosmovision that transcends all borders and embraces the diverse perspectives that shape our global understanding.

From the ancient and mystical wisdom of indigenous cultures to the innovative and contemporary perspectives of modern thinkers, COSMOVISION showcases the kaleidoscope of beliefs, philosophies, and artistic creations that weave together the intricate fabric of the human experience.

So get ready to step into a renowned international gathering where stories are told through dance, music, art, culture and rituals that have been passed down through generations and engage with a series of wellness activities, holistics workshops and thought-provoking discussions that explore the universal themes that bind us all. 

Join us in celebrating the diversity of thought, the unity of humanity, and the collective dreams that shape our shared cosmovision. 


Download in process - - stay tuned - - SAVE THE DATE !

Ancient Future







The Retreat

Dates: 12 - 14 July - 2024 (the weekend after the festival).


Location: “Castle Ehrnau - Styria, Austria. (the festival site)


An intimate experience sharing with the global Cosmic Convergence family and where the profound essence of the world's cosmovision unfolds before you on an inner journey of self-discovery allowing you to tap into the collective wisdom of humanity.


Guided by awakened souls and experienced facilitators and surrounded by the serenity of the Austrian forest, you are going to have the one-of-a-kind opportunity to explore different ancient traditions, rituals and ceremonies, engage in introspective practices, visionary workshops, mindfulness sessions and connect with like-minded people on a shared quest for deeper understanding, personal growth and spiritual enrichment.

*Limited spaces available.


A sacred pilgrimage to rediscover yourself and the largest pyramid in the world @ Guatemala


Dates: 12 - 14 December - 2,024

Location: Guatemala.


A heart-opening and inner journey to the Mayan lost city of El Mirador 

Specially curated for your personal development, leadership and spiritual renewal by mindfully engaging with the heart of the Mayan Biosphere Reserve magic (conservation and protected area) and the elite Kan Kingdom (or the Serpent Dynasty) with a series of empowerment and rewarding activities. A total disconnection with the modern world and a real connection with the ancestral one.

Connect with the life 's primary source, learn about yourself (on a higher and deeper level) as you walk, explore and challenge into the unknown of the mighty jungle until the enigmatic lost city of El Mirador (one of the most powerful places of transformation on planet earth). 

Come, get initiated and become a true explorer on a quest of ancient wisdom awaiting its reactivation. 

Download in process - - stay tuned - - SAVE THE DATE!

*Limited spaces available.

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